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Adding/Fixing Color Within Tmux on Ubuntu

I’ve found that anytime I spin up an Ubuntu system, whether in Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, or even through Windows Subsystem for Linux, color doesn’t seem to be working properly.

To fix this, there is a handy workaround that is very simple to implement.

First, let’s create a bash alias so that launching Tmux will actually launch with color settings configured. Start by editing the following file.

vi ~/.bash_aliases

Then add the following line.

alias tmux="TERM=xterm-256color tmux"

Now we will modify our Tmux configuration file as well.

vi ~/.tmux.conf

And add the following line.

set -g default-terminal "screen-256color"

Then we will restart Tmux.

tmux kill-server && tmux

Or you could just run these commands.

sudo echo "alias tmux=\"TERM=xterm-256color tmux\"" >> ~/.bash_aliases
sudo echo "set -g default-terminal \"screen-256color\"" >> ~/.tmux.conf
tmux kill-server && tmux

That’s it! Launch Tmux and you should now have color.

Tips & Tricks

Tmux Cheatsheet for Splitting Terminal Panes and More

Note: <PrefixKey> by default is Ctrl + B

Creating Tmux Sessions and Windows

tmux new -s ExampleCreate a new tmux session titled “Example”
<PrefixKey> + CCreate a new window within the session
<PrefixKey> + NumberTake you to your different windows. Windows are identified by the banner down below.
<PrefixKey> + ,Rename the current Window. 
<PrefixKey> + DDetach your tmux session from the terminal window.
tmux attach-session -t ExampleReattach to a session titled “Example”

Window Splitting

<PrefixKey> + %Vertical Split
<PrefixKey> + "Horizontal Split
<PrefixKey> + <ArrowKey>Move around between your panes
<PrefixKey> + ZZoom in and fill out pane you’ve got selected. Do it a 2nd time to zoom out.
<PrefixKey> + Hold Ctrl + <ArrowKey>Resizes the pane
<PrefixKey> + {Move pane to the left
<PrefixKey> + }Move pane to the right
<PrefixKey> + <SPACE>Toggle shuffling the panes

Helpful Command Line Tricks

Ctrl + AGo to beginning of line
Ctrl + E Go to end of line 
Ctrl + <ArrowKey>Move word by word in the line
Alt + .This will autofill the last word you used from this position in the previous command.
Ctrl + RRecursively search through your command history. 

Navigating the Terminal

<PrefixKey> + [Enter Edit Mode.
While in Edit Mode:
This will exit edit mode.
While in Edit Mode:
Ctrl + <ArrowKey>
This will allow you to scroll.
While in Edit Mode:
Move around the terminal window.