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My Top 3 OSCP Resources (Ippsec, TheCyberMentor, & 0xdf)

I have seen many people ask the community for help regarding good resources and figured I should create this post to share my two cents on the topic. I started this journey about 6-8 months ago and have soaked in a ton of content during that time.


Use this when first starting out! He has a pentesting for noobs series that goes through the HackTheBox materials and it’s fantastic for learning basic methodologies and things you need to know from ground zero. He’ll walk you through some easy boxes and hold your hand as you’re exploring this for this first time. His material is heavy on Metasploit, which is a tool that you’ll want to be familiar with, but don’t rely on it too much as you can’t use it more than once on the OSCP exam.

Link to his YouTube

Link to his Twitter


I swear this man is a god and the amount of knowledge that he has obtained on the topic of hacking is tremendous. I believe that his content is developed with a more intermediate target audience in mind, so he doesn’t always explain the basic stuff like TheCyberMentor does. Start with TCM, and move to Ippsec once you’ve got the basics down. Don’t sleep on Ippsec!!! His videos are long, and there are plenty out there, but he teaches so much. I’ll spend hours dissecting 15mins of his video just taking notes so I can use tips he’s shown me later.

Link to his YouTube

Link to his Twitter


Their blog posts are some of the best written HackTheBox write-ups I’ve come across. They do a great job at breaking down multiple attack avenues and explaining the concepts. If you’d rather skim through a blog than watch a video, this is the place to go. Their posts are easy to follow, and I’ve learned some awesome tricks while going through them.

Link to their blog

Link to their Twitter

Obviously this is far from an exhaustive list, but it should provide a great starting point for those entering this journey with us. I’d love to hear about which resources you use as well!

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