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Hacking Resources for Beginners

Wondering how to get started in hacking?

Harley’s list of recommended resources for beginners can be found below. While all of these resources are great on their own merit, it’s important that hackers reflect on what type of hacking is most interesting to them. For a complete beginner that doesn’t know what path to take, I would recommend dabbling in everything until you learn what interests you most, and then dive deeper into training materials related to that niche.  

Web Hacking 

Pentesting Certifications

YouTube / Twitch Channels: 

  • @insiderphd
  • @BugBountyReportsExplained
  • @infinitelogins
  • @nahamsec
  • @stok
  • @liveoverflow
  • @thecybermentor
  • @ippsec


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