Pentesting, Tips & Tricks

Hacking Methodology Cheatsheet

This post is going to contain a list of common tools, vulnerabilities, & methodology tactics broken down by category and contains links to references that will showcase examples. This document will be updated often as I work through more and more resources.

Enumerating Common Services

Enumerating SMB 139,445

  • Using smbmap and smbclient to crawl and browse shares. Example of this in HTB FriendZone – Link to Ippsec video.

Enumerating LDAP 389

External Tools/Methodology

Using Hydra to Brute-Force Websites

Using ASP/ASPX Webshells

Enumerating Tomcat

Enumerating HTTP Proxies

Connecting to/Abusing IRC

Performing Zone Transfers

Local/Remote File Inclusion (LFI & RFI)

  • Using PHP Wrappers within LFI to Obtain PHP Script Source Code — My post
  • XML Entity Injection (XXE) Vuln for LFI. HackTheBox: DevOops. – Link to Ippsec Video

Privilege Escalation Techniques/Tools

Privilege Escalation: Using Sherlock

Privilege Escalation: Using Windows-Exploit-Suggester

Pivoting & Utilizing Proxies

Routing Tools Through Proxies

Common Vulnerabilities

Exploiting MS17-010 (EternalBlue)

  • HackTheBox: Blue

Exploiting MS14-066 (Heartbleed)

Exploiting CVE-2016-5195 (DirtyCow)

Common Active Directory Attacks

Abusing LLMNR/NBT-NS w/ Responder

Abusing IPv6

Utilizing CrackMapExec

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